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My foray into dating blogging began accidentally, after responding to a writing gig looking for relationship bloggers. Coupling my relationship experience with my love for writing, I had a regular stint on – later writing for eHarmony and Match. 

Sharing advice to Match’s readers meant writing in a conversational and friendly tone – while also keeping short and to the point. 

Some people leave their newly updated relationship status on Facebook to do the talking, while others let word of mouth spread the news.

Writing a piece combining these two interests helped Match reach a wider audience outside of their usual dating demographic, with this blog garnering plenty of interest on their social media as well as driving more traffic to their website.

Often as a writer, you’re given a brief and instructed to follow every last detail. But being a writer isn’t strictly about writing – it’s also about coming up with creative ideas. As the great Hemingway once said: “The more he learns from experience, the more he can imagine.”