Client eHarmony
Work Freelance
Type Blog
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I’ve always been interested in relationships and tech, so it made sense to explore the world of online dating blogging. Writing a piece combining these two interests helped eHarmony reach a wider audience outside of their usual dating demographic, with this blog garnering plenty of interest on their social media as well as driving more people to their website.

With eHarmony being one of the world’s leading dating websites, I had to ensure the piece came across as knowledgeable to uphold eHarmony’s expert status. Researching potential pieces for write up included drawing from personal experience, asking friends, looking at online forums and browsing social media.

Posted around Christmas 2014, this piece gained a lot of engagement especially as the holiday season was one of the peak times for the dating industry. Plus the combination of the term ‘smartphone’ and the popularity of mobile usage, the blog drove considerable traffic to its mobile site – sparking even more app downloads.

Despite this being a Christmas blog, I actually started writing this in November. Because I knew this would feed into eHarmony’s wider seasonal content strategy, it’s important to plan ahead with a content calendar. Content is great and all, but relevance and timing is essential to converting leads into customers.