Started out as a freelance healthcare copywriter, discovered SEOcontent design and strategy, did my in-house time and now do the full-time agency gig.

Phew, that’s the professional small talk out of the way. Favourite personal pursuits? Learning new languages, volunteering, travelling, arts and crafts, running, playing the guitar and piano, and let’s not forget my first love. Writing.


Got my Media Studies degree from London Metropolitan University in 2008, studying a combination of journalism as well as advertising. But it was around this time blogging became popular, and after a stint of digital work experience at FHM, I went down the route of online publishing.

Fast forward a few (ahem) years and I’ve had my work published in TheNextWeb, wrote award-winning entries for UKFast and WorldRemit, and written work for the likes of Virgin Media, Google, eHarmony, Match and plenty more publications. Oh, and finally my proudest work – this portfolio.