Client WorldRemit
Type Blog, web, SEO, CRM, awards, Facebook ads, social media, case studies, transcreation, video shoots

WorldRemit is an online money transfer service, helping expats and migrant workers send money back home.

As a B2C, we had to ensure we were able to communicate our fintech experience in a knowledgeable manner – while also maintaining a friendly, transparent and down-to-earth tone of voice. However, as WorldRemit operated worldwide, we had to be both experts in our field while also use messaging that wouldn’t confuse non-native English speakers.

Due to our service being an online offering, we were well-placed to communicate to our audience on our digital platforms. This ranged from blogs (such as how-to guides) to running competitions on our social media platforms. I would write both the post as well as the social media update to accompany it, as well as moderate the channels. 

As part of the Comms team, I worked with several other departments. I worked closely with the CRM team ensuring the emails we sent out to different regional audiences were consistent, and also coming up with campaigns to engage with new customers.

In Christmas 2016 I came up with the idea of shooting a holiday video using our coworkers, getting them to say Merry Christmas in their native languages.

With Christmas being a peak season for sending money, this was the perfect opportunity to educate new customers on WorldRemit, as well as serve as an emotionally engaging piece of content that was easily shareable but also as a thank you from our business to our users.

Operating in 100+ countries, our customers are diverse. With each of them having their own reasons to use WorldRemit, they all had unique stories to tell – so we would frequently interview them and get them to share their stories with the rest of the world.

This was often done as a video, then repurposed as a blog post which would then be shared on our social media channels. While creating case studies served as fantastic content for our business, it was also a great chance for us to get to know our customers personally and learn more about them. Because there’s no better way for a writer to tell a story through someone’s eyes than meeting them face-to-face.

I’ve learnt a lot from my time at WorldRemit, but my two favourite experiences were writing two winning award entries. The first being Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 for our CEO, Ismail Ahmed, and the Achievement in Transformational Finance for the Financial Times Awards 2017 – where we also won the overall prize for Excellence in Transformational Business. I’m proud to have been the one who organised and wrote those entries, but I’m even prouder of our amazing teamwork, working with some incredible colleagues to put it all together and win these coveted awards.