Client AVA
Work Dare
Type Website
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Everyone talks about cryptocurrency, but does everyone understand what it actually means? This project both excited me and filled me with a slight sense of dread, as I was eager to learn more and communicate their business transparently – but also wanted to ensure I didn’t sound like I was jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon.

Fortunately for me, AVA isn’t just about making a quick Bitcoin buck. It’s about making a positive and long-lasting change for its users and the wider community.

As an avid volunteer, it’s always a pleasure to find a project you can find meaning in. So I immediately identified with AVA’s mission, and was able to word their values in helping people help others. The B2C tone of voice was easy enough to master, but the difficulty was communicating cryptocurrency to different audiences.

AVA Community members using Circle apps are learning, getting healthier and positively contributing to a global community all while earning AVA Coin and supporting causes that they care about.

We carried out a series of readibility tests to trial various copy. Immediately we were able to identify the type of wording and sentence structuring we should use for our target demographics, and we based our final content around these learnings.

Launching a business for the first time is no easy feat, and one challenge was gaining trust with potential customers. By simplifying the wording while still positioning AVA as experts in their industry, we successfully attracted novice and seasoned cryptocurrency fans worldwide. 

Readability tests are a great way of seeing if your content is easy to understand. It’s important to get feedback from others, as they might have helpful opinions that could improve your content. One of my favourite activities for testing content is the Cloze test, where you write a sentence and remove certain words – then get readers to fill in words best suited to complete the sentence. I’m all for content exercises, so if you’d like to recommend any to me I’d love to hear from you.