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I’m the first to admit it. Technology was NOT my first choice when it came to being a writer. But tech writer and sub-editor I was, writing and editing for one of the UK’s leading tech news sites. Managing a team of freelancers across the UK and the rest of Europe, myself and another sub-editor were in charge of ensuring we were bringing the best in tech news.

ITProPortal had a fun, witty and informative tone of voice – which meant we could be slightly cheeky and risqué with our content. However, with ITProPortal being the authoritative tech news site that they were, we also had to bear in mind that we were experts ourselves – with a lot of our content being read by experts within the industry.

From managing a content calendar to quality checking news pieces, it was great experience in recognising different tech trends as well as understanding what our audience liked and what they weren’t so keen on.

But it was also a great chance to work remotely, which is a fantastic liberty as a writer. Plus there’s plenty of benefits to working remotely, as proven by many tech news sources – I read this fact online, so it must be true.

Working remotely can be a dream for most people. But it can also be hard to remain focussed, especially when you can get distracted by odd jobs around the house. I always try to discover new cafes as new surroundings inspire me, and a great method that keeps me on track is the Pomodoro Technique.

Spend 25 minutes on a task, then take a short break. After I’ve completed four Pomodoros, I can then treat myself to a longer break. 

Or an actual Pasta al Pomodoro. See? Everyone wins.