My most challenging and rewarding work? This portfolio.

I’ve never created a portfolio. There, I said it. In all my years of copywriting I’ve done everything from dating blogs to award entries, and have a whole host of content to show for my work.

But a portfolio? Nope, because the last thing I want to do after writing five days a week is more writing when I get HOME.

OK, so I had a minimalist online space where I posted a bunch of links to my work. Because people only need to see my CV and a few links to my copy to get an idea of my style of writing.

That should do, right?


I take GREAT pride in the work I’ve produced. So why have I hidden my work on a bland web page with no description or design for others to see it in its final layout?

Your work is a reflection of you. So, if people see my work online but then see a less-than-impressive portfolio, it gives out the wrong impression. You’re more inclined to work with someone when you’ve seen professional examples of their work, so as a professional, I knew it was time to set an example.


But that’s life as a creative – everything is a work in progress.

After tearing my hair out trying to find a theme I liked (and worked, because guess what – these two things rarely go hand in hand), I eventually settled on a design and finished the content to accompany it. It’s still a work in progress, as I’m busy chasing up people to get the finished results of my content.

One inspiring lesson we can all learn is from the brilliant Paul Cézanne. In a letter he wrote to his mother, he stated that finishing things was a goal for imbeciles.

My learnings are a work in progress.

My improvements are a work in progress.

And that’s OK with me. Because if you look at the great work of Jan Van Eyck’s Saint Barbara, you’ll see that despite its half-finished appearance, it’s outstanding to look at. And if it’s good enough for Jan Van Eyck, then it’s good enough for me.