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It’s been ages a while since I graduated, but writing about university was as easy as choosing happy hours over studying (sorry liver).

Providing student accommodation throughout the UK, Student Roost was already well-known in university circles. Now they just needed some extra content coverage, comprising student advice and trends in the form of blogs.

Student Roost’s brand was fresh, down-to-earth and relatable. This meant I could enjoy huge flexibility in picking from a wide range of writing topics, as well as enjoy a bit of wordplay and colloquialism. 

Normally I’m limited to strictly text and image blogs, but with Student Roost, I had the opportunity to experiment with quizzes as well as listicles. Because shaking up the content format is important not just for the writer, but also for the reader (plus it’s fun to answer your own quizzes, don’tcha know).

Obviously I would tick the last answer (obviously).

As a weekly gig it helped to plan the content well in advance. Content calendars are a lifesaver, while also working in conjunction with Student Roost to highlight certain events or promotions they were running.

But as a website, I also had to factor in SEO. Choosing the right keywords, ensuring linkable content and prompting the reader to convert – either by sharing their comments or following Student Roost’s social media profiles.

Plus as Student Roost’s target audience was of a young generation, this particular demographic was most likely to be heavy mobile users.

Therefore my content had to achieve three important goals.

    1. Be presented in a format suited to mobile
    2. Get to the point
    3. Be easily readable.

I can’t believe I just wrote ANOTHER listicle.