Virgin Mobile

Client Virgin Mobile
Work Oliver
Type DM, brochure
Audience B2C

To celebrate Virgin Mobile’s Summer 2018 campaign, we created promotional materials to reflect the holiday season.

Playing on the theme of summer, we used summer weather wording to evoke a fun and seasonal promotion – which fit perfectly with Virgin’s friendly and witty branding. This paired brilliantly with the final designs, with the overall look achieving the exact sentiment of Virgin Mobile’s summer deals.

Due to the content being featured in direct marketing (leaflets being handed out / dropped into letterboxes), the wording had to be striking while also highlighting popular brands most likely to quickly grab the attention of potential customers. As these were being delivered to different members of the public and across UK households, the terminology and wording had to be simple so as to appeal to a wide range of ages.

Combining bullet pointed lists along with long form content ensured readers could easily skim for the information they needed, while describing in greater detail the long-term benefits and terms and conditions. 

Copywriting can be a fun and creative process, especially when writing for a brand that’s known for its playful tone. Writing both long-form content and short concise copy is also great practice, but it’s also a good opportunity to work with the design team to ensure their visuals back your content – and vice versa.