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Specialists in designing science-based products for the workplace, 3M offers protective solutions for a wide range of industries.

My solution? To expertly communicate personal protective equipment in workplace safety simply and concisely.

Given 3M’s scientific background, the correct terminology and explanations had to be communicated clearly – and as B2B, the tone of voice had to be professional and credible. The aim was to promote PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in welding environments, specifically targeted at health and safety management leaders within their specialist industries.

This project was focused on creating three specific web pages: 

  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Comfort.

The content was also going to be used on the US arm of the 3M website, so the copy had to both adhere to US spelling and local colloquialism. First, I had to clarify the correct terminology (both for SEO purposes as well as communicating to the correct target audience).

Next, the content design. Understanding the layout and the placement of CTAs was crucial in keeping the reader on the page – and more importantly, converting them into customers.

Lastly, ensuring the three pages complemented each other. Although each page communicated its own mission separately, they had to work together to support its values. Just like the hard-working welders supported by 3M.

We’re committed to helping empower you to reduce welder’s exposure to: hearing, respiratory and head hazards…

 …allows for less time wasted switching between and refitting standalone PPE, while air flow allows welders to stay comfortable under the helmet.

Best of all, increased comfort allows for less breaks – meaning workers can weld longer and get the job done.

Communicating the solution isn’t just about the scientific aspects, it’s also about empathy. 

It’s all well and good to promote a product, but ultimately, who’s going to be using it? You guessed it, the reader: a human.

Sure, you’ve got to communicate certain physical specifics, but as no *product is capable of reading or buying your work, remember your audience.

Correct. Us humans.

*Depending on which year you’re reading this then there could be a small chance the human race have been overtaken by the robots.

Hi there, robots.